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Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I am Jacques Cöp and I own and run my raw and vegan chocolate company cococaravan in Wales, UK

Where did you study or train?

The company was born out of passion. So all the study and training has been an adventure of discoveries and lots of smiles. I have been trained as an ecologist and passionately worked very hard to make people happy, clients colleagues and employers.

After some personal misfortune and many sleepless nights it just came to me at 3am: I’m going to make chocolate. Just thinking about making chocolate calmed me down and I had the best sleep in weeks.I wanted to make something that would make people happy and that I could call 100% mine.

The next morning I started slowly, just making, dreaming recipes and talking to lots of people. From the start my raw and vegan approach and working with top quality ingredients started to change peoples lives. Making them happier. My training continues every day as I learn new things with every batch of chocolate and every new flavour I come up with.

Have you always done this job?image

I had my chocolate epiphany in 2012 and have pursued it ever since.

Favourite thing or memorable event in your job?

Many things. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I think their initial response when they taste my chocolate is the best. But also making it, never getting tired of the wonderful scent, tasting it, eating it enjoying it.

What are your interests/passions outside of work?

I try and find my peace outside of work, going for walk, enjoying where I am, spending time and talking with family and friends. I am environmentally and politically very driven and I’m very passionate about a clean and fair world where every living and non living thing gets a fair go.

 cococaravanWhat are your hopes for the future?

I once stood on a market and was talking to a young man, he was very pessimistic and dark about the future. Not seeing the chances and opportunities there are in life can be a very dark and lonely place. During his long monologue I was able to interrupt him for a second and got him to try some of my chocolate. He continued in his talk, but by his second chew, flavours started taking over, unrefined sweeteners were doing their job, the vegan caramel took him by the hand and the raw cacao opened his senses. By his 4th chew he was talking about his mother whom owned a bit or rainforest and how much he loved being there. In short world peace and a safe and clean world would be a great hope. If my chocolate can help…




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